Our Standards

The Highest Standards, Best service in the Hudson Valley!

Classic Tent Rentals own all of our own tents and equipment.They are strictly maintained at our facilities by our employees who take pride in keeping the equipment and tents in the best working order, clean and waiting to become a part of your next event. Our standards are the highest in the industry because every item that leaves our facility represents us! Craig McCoy, Classic’s co-owner, personally inspects all the equipment as it leaves our facilities. He is on-site to oversee all large events. For smaller events, his hand-picked manager acts as his qualified representative. Employees of Classic Tent Rentals are personally trained and instructed to respect our customers’ property and make every effort to honor individual requests. No employee is ever permitted to enter anyone’s home. At Classic Tent Rentals “quality,” “excellence,” “pride of workmanship” and “high standards” are not just rhetoric. Our employees follow Standards set by manufacturers and the even stricter parameters for assurance of quality set by Classic Tent Rentals for each piece of equipment.


2015 Parameters for Assurance of Quality

We make every effort to make every tent installation as good as it can be. Our attention to details is what sets us apart in the industry.We suggest that before you choose the rental company that will be servicing you and your event, you read the standards we have outlined and follow below. The details below apply primarily to tent installation, but the same attention goes into every piece of equipment and product we provide and every service we perform.

  • We follow strict parameters for correct tent ratchet strap angles and stake depth
  • We do not use Rebar stakes which, after continuous use, flare to create very sharp edges on which guests could be injured.
  • All straps are gathered for safety and a neater appearance
  • We strive for a combination of accurate and speedy installation.
  • No tent is ever to touch the ground. We use tarps for all tent jobs.
  • Employees who will be on-site during an event will be in uniform.
  • All set-ups are prearranged. As a rule, for a day wedding or special event, tents will be put up one or three days in advance, where possible. This will allow our customer ample time to put decorations in place and finalize any additional work or materials.
  • If a seating chart is provided for us in advance of the set-up date, as an extra service and at no extra charge, we will arrange the tables for our customer. With sufficient advance notice we will also set up the chairs.